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M - medium scratchers

Medium cat tree for your pet

If you are looking for an optimal solution, consider medium cat scratchers. Option M is the optimal combination of size and functionality, consisting of a scratching post, at least two lairs, and possibly additional variety. This configuration is a guarantee of a safe space for sleeping and playing. In addition, it is an opportunity for the cat to take care of hygiene and proper sharpening of its claws and to implement the natural instinct of scratching. Cotec M - cat scratchers consisting of a minimum of two beds, while having a moderate size. Any scratching post in this category will be suitable for both one and several.

Our offer includes cat trees for a medium-sized cat, which take the form of a pole connected to a den or nest. Some models have been enriched with a lying platform, a house or hanging elements.

The set with the scratching post includes pillows filled with an anti-allergic silicone ball and covers made of durable, pleasant to touch and easy-care material.