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Cat trees & scratchers

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Classic cat trees & scratchers that will not only delight cats of any breed (and size!) but will also perfectly fit into your interior. Tasteful, solid, practical solutions that use excellent materials - these are features that describe Cotec cat scratchers well. The cat scratchers in this category are perfect both if you are breeding purebred cats and you are “only” a feline enthusiast. Cotec will help meet instinctive needs of your cat and protect your furniture from damage.

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Our offer includes: 

  • Cozy, small cat cat tree – Cotec s -  in the form of tasteful houses, scratchers on the floor connected to the lair, posts with a couch or standing towers - primarily for the care of claws;
  • Practical, medium- sized cat trees – Cotec M - are certainly more complex, they can contain more attractions and lairs, so they will work well if you own several cats;
  • A comfortable, large cat tree – Cotec L - is a solution that requires more space, thanks to which your pet will be able to stretch out even more after rest, preparing for further fun.