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Cat trees & scratchers

Choose the perfect cat scratchers

As you probably know, kittens are extremely demanding animals... That's why we would like to introduce you to ultra-fashionable and super-strong solutions made just for your cats. Classic cat trees and cat scratchers available in our online Cotec store would not only delight cats of any breed but will also fit perfectly into your interior. They are tasteful and solid. We focus on practical solutions using materials chosen in a multi-stage selection... These features perfectly describe Cotec’s cat scratchers. Can we ask for more? Probably no! We cordially invite you to get to know our latest offer of cat scratchers and cat trees. Your kittens will thank you for it. We guarantee it! 

A cat scratcher - is it necessary?

Yes, it is! Cat owners know scratching can be annoying sometimes... Kittens scratch from a very young age. We can safely say that it was written in their genes. Is there any way to get rid of this problem? Yes and... no! We cannot unlearn cat scratching. We can invest in a high-quality cat scratcher. This way, we will stop the kitten from scratching our furniture and provide it with a perfect space for playing or resting. Why do we mention it? We are aware that every cat is different, and some habits are hard to change... We would like to present you with our newest offer of cat scratchers. You will find classic cat scratchers, cat trees, and some other original solutions. Go and make an order!

Cat scratcher by Cotec - for whom? 

Scratchers available in our online store Cotec are designed for kittens and their owners... Whether you have one or a whole bunch of cats, Cotec’s cat scratcher is a perfect choice. Our cat scratchers have been created for all cats, whether they are purebreds or lovely roofers. Scratchers for cats will be suitable for people who are engaged in breeding, as well as for those who are just „cat enthusiasts”. Cotec’s cat scratcher will help satisfy your cat's instinctive needs and protect your furniture from damage.... We love all cats! We are sure that you do too! Check out our offer and be ready for new possibilities. 

What can you find here?

Kittens! Do we have any cat lovers here? Great! At every step, we focus on 100% satisfaction of our customers and their... cats! That's why we have created new cat scratchers catalog. It includes single posts, lounger scratchers, floor scratchers, cat trees, and soft cat lairs! Our offer is rich in various kinds of solutions, and we have nothing else to do but present the best cat scratchers. In our online store we have high-quality products, which are the answer to your and your cat’s needs. So, if you are looking for a perfect cat tree - check out new offer. One thing is sure - you will not find such cat scratchers anywhere else! 

Choose your size

Cat scratchers are a vast topic! There are many solutions and possibilities... We leave the choice to you! Our offer includes:

Cotec S - cozy, small cat trees designed as tasteful houses and floor scratchers. They are combined with a bed or single posts. You will find there everything that is necessary for cat claws care. Your kitten will easily get rid of old, dead layers of the nail plate.

Cotec M - practical, medium-sized cat trees, perfect for playing and scratching. These models are the most extensive. They can contain more features. They will also work better for several cats. 

Cotec L - comfortable, large cat tree. Undoubtedly, it is a solution that requires more space. It will allow your pet to stretch out even more after resting, preparing for more play. Cat scratchers will satisfy all, even the most demanding cats. 

High-quality scratchers

Cotec’s cat scratchers are hand-made in Poland. We focus on the highest quality and 100% satisfaction of our regular clients and new users. So, if you are looking for a perfect cat tree - we certainly will not disappoint you. The materials selected through a multi-stage selection allowed us to create something special. Our scratchers were adjusted to the boldest needs of your kittens. The problem of damaged and scratched furniture will disappear as soon as possible. We mention it for a reason... Scratchers available on the market often leave much to be desired. Here we are! Taking care of the smallest details, above-average durability, and resistance to damage and dirt make the chosen cat scratcher serve your kitten for many years without any fear of losing its attractive look. Moreover, it will keep your cat safe and make him stop scratching your furniture. Could it get any better? Probably not!  Cotec’s cat scratchers are a guarantee of the best quality.

Cat scratcher - why you should choose Cotec?

Since you have already come here... you are probably wondering, why you should choose our cat scratcher. As the leaders on the Polish market, we emphasize constant development and the highest quality of our cat scratchers. They are a combination of everything, what is the best. They are durable, solid, and tasteful. Whether you choose a classic post or a cat tree, our products have been designed for every kitten. Investing in our cat scratcher, you can be sure that your cat will fall in love with it. Scratchers will perfectly fit into every interior without disturbing the existing arrangement. Are you ready for new challenges? Order a cat tree or a scratcher with a single post and observe your kitten!

Which cat scratcher will you choose? A cat tree or a cat lair with a single post? Cotec’s cat scratcher is the best choice ever!