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    Cat Seeing a scratching cat is completely natural to us. Just as natural as scratching is for a cat. It is not enough to say that it is natural - it is instinctive, absolutely needed! This is what cats have in their DNA.

    Our small predators have to mark their territory - when they scratch, they leave a scent from the glands they have under their paws and a visual mark in the form of scratches on a specific object. Our pet feels safe and knows that the house where it lives is its territory.

    When scratching, the cat also stretches its muscles and sheds the old claw cuticle. Scratching, unfortunately, can be destructive to our interior design. Therefore, the sooner we direct our pet's needs to the right cat scratching pole, the longer our furniture will live.

    Cotec sisal poles are the core of the scraper structure, which is why they are designed and made for years of use. Key features:

    • The highest quality 12 mm 4-wire rope made of 100% natural sisal agave fibre.
    • The whole structure is based on a super strong and light cellulose sleeve.
    • Suitable for typical domestic furballs as well as the largest breeds: British Shorthair, Bengal or Norwegian Forest Cat.
    • A perfectly tensioned cord ensures even wear.
    • Mechanically wound.
    • Pole diameter: 145 mm.
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    Strong foundations

    Stability is the basis, that's why Cotec bases are up to 50 mm thick, which makes even the largest cats feel safe.

    • Made of high quality 50 mm birch plywood.
    • Coated with a water-based BIO paint.
    • The bottom is secured with felt pads.
    • The bottom right corner displays the Cotec logo burned in the wood.
    • Base dimensions: 50 x 50 cm.


    Made of high quality selected fabrics. Exemplary finish, care for details and above-average durability means that the cat scratcher will serve many years without losing its attractive appearance. Quality unheard of in pet stores.

    Further information

    • A versatile design that will delight your cat and make a difference in any interior.
    • Simple assembly - once unpacked, the Cotec scratcher requires screwing using the included tools.
    • Potentially, Your Cat's favourite place.
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    Data sheet

    Dimensions [width x depth x height]
    50 x 50 x 55-125
    Weight of the scratcher [kg]
    Cat tree for how many cats?
    Sisal cord
    12 mm thick rope made of 100% natural sisal agave fibre
    Scratching posts
    Diameter 14.5 cm
    Wooden elements
    High-quality birch plywood
    Varnish on wooden elements
    100% water-based paint based on BIO vegetable resins, class A+