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S - small scratchers

Perfect cat tree - try Cotec S

If you are the owner of a kitten, a pet of a smaller breed or a small build - the scratching post in the S variant will be perfect! We present cat tree for small cats, which is also perfect solution for home with limited space. Our cat tree can be free-standing or consist mainly of a post, which can be varied by a couch or a toy for your pet. Our Cotec S-small cat trees are perfect for a studio, small apartment or a place in the house where you don’t have that much space.

When you looking for cat tree an important aspect is that the scratching post fits into the interior and at the same time meets your and your cat's expectations! Therefore, pay attention to:

  • Size - the cat tree house should undoubtedly be adjusted to the size of the pet. Therefore, for smaller furries, a low cat scratcher will work, because it will not overwhelm it with its size. At the same time, it will be safe and comfortable to use - the kitten will easily stretch out, reaching the platform or toys.
  • Type and form: houses lined with fabric with a shelter in the middle and a lair on top, a cylinder-shaped lair connected to a scratching post, a scratching post, a post for sharpening and care for claws, it can be diversified by hanging toys or a comfortable nest for lying down - thanks to this, your pet will be able to sleep and play in one place;