Vaderi 300 - Ebony | Scratcher and lair

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    Vaderi 300 is a well-thought solution that will allow Your Cat to satisfy its instinctive needs and will introduce a bit of extraordinary style to your home.

    Cats love having fun and lounging. The Cotec Vaderi 300 is a perfect combination of both of these aspects! The large and practical bed , combined with the possibility of access from both sides, gives amazing opportunities for playing and lazing around. Inside there is a soft cushion made of easy-to-clean fabric, which promises comfortable rest. The feet - of the right height - have been designed to allow goofing around also under the cat scratcher! Of course, all this would not serve the greater purpose, if not for the possibility of scratching the external cladding created especially for this. It is also a great opportunity for our pets to stretch their muscles.

    The cat scratcher can be placed on any flat surface. It is extremely stable and compact, so it will adapt to any interior. The one-size-fits-all size makes it suitable for both small and large furballs.


    • Natural cladding made of 100% natural sisal agave fibers for scratching. Beautiful and super durable fabric resistant to cat's claws. Arranged in a way that maximizes its life.
    • Suitable for typical domestic furballs as well as the largest breeds: British Shorthair, Bengal or Norwegian Forest Cat.
    • Wooden elements made with great care and coated with a BIO water-based paint.
    • Soft and anti-allergic cushions made of easy-to-clean fabric. Machine washable (30°C).
    • The interior of the Vaderi 300 is finished with varnished wood for easy cleaning.
    • No assembly required - the Cotec scratcher is ready for use out of the box!
    • Cushions attached with strong Velcro.
    • A versatile bed and a practical cat scratcher.
    • Potentially, Your Cat's favourite place.
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    Tailored to Your Cat

    Seeing a scratching cat is completely natural to us. Just as natural as scratching is for a cat. It is not enough to say that it is natural - it is instinctive, absolutely needed! This is what cats have in their DNA.

    Our small predators have to mark their territory - when they scratch, they leave a scent from the glands they have under their paws and a visual mark in the form of scratches on a specific object. Our pet feels safe and knows that the house where it lives is its territory.

    When scratching, the cat also stretches its muscles and sheds the old claw cuticle. Scratching, unfortunately, can be destructive to our interior design. Therefore, the sooner we direct our pet's needs to the right cat scratching pole, the longer our furniture will live.

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    Cushions and covers

    The fabric used by the cat should be durable, soft, resistant to claws and dirt and nice-looking - exactly such fabric was used to make Cotec cushions and covers.


    • Easy cleaning system - dirt comes off with the help of water and ordinary soap.
    • A moist hand is all it takes to remove the fur.
    • Resistant to claws - the threads do not pull easily out of this fabric.
    • The fabric is soft and delicate to the touch.
    • Anti-allergic silicone filling.
    • Machine washable (30°C).
    • The bottom of the cushion is made of velcro material. The cushion will not fall off the scraper.
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    Data sheet

    Dimensions [width x depth x height]
    45 x 50 x 40
    Weight of the scratcher [kg]
    Cat tree for how many cats?
    Sisal lining
    100% natural sisal agave fibre
    Wooden elements
    High-quality birch plywood
    Varnish on wooden elements
    100% water-based paint based on BIO vegetable resins, class A+
    Cushions and covers
    Super durable, easy-to-clean and soft flocking fabric
    Washing cushions and covers
    Manual or automatic - maximum temperature 30℃
    Cushion and cover filling
    Anti-allergic silicone balls