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L - large scratchers

Big cat – big cat tree house – Cotec L

If your cat is a representative of a larger breed (e.g. Majkun, Norwegian Forest Cat), it is especially important that the size of the cat tree t is adapted to its dimensions - the appropriate size, allowing it to stretch out and a solid, non-wobbly structure adapted to the weight of the cat.

If you have enough free space at home, choose the L variant of our cat tree, which is much more extensive - it allows you to scratch, climb and jump. It consists of a house that is a good hiding place, several platforms for lying and posts on which the cat can stretch and tighten its claws. Cotec L - large cat tree consisting of at least several beds and a large number of scratching surfaces. Perfect scratchers when space is not an issue.

A high cat tree will be a safe refuge, making it easier for cat to closely observe and look at everything from above. Additionally, it will become a visually interesting interior decoration that your furry friend will love because:

  • There will be a place at home where he will be able to experience solitude, rest and play a little;
  • The special scratching surface will allow him to take care of the condition of his claws;
  • Provide him with a place for pulling and scratching - thanks to year-round activity, the risk of obesity and problems with joints will be reduced;