TamTam | Scratching Barrel Tower

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    The Cotec TamTam scratching tube is an excellent, compact and wonderfully looking cat scratcher. Its one-size-fits-all size allow you to meet all the pet's basic needs related to the desire to scratch, play and air the heels.

    Outside the TamTam tube there is over 1 m² of lining made of natural sisal agave fibre. Its extraordinary strength works like no other material when confronted with sharp cat's claws. Appropriate placement of the mat guarantees long-term use and guarantees a unique look for many years.

    Cotec Tubes - due to various cat habits - have been designed to be as simple as possible to clean. The inside of the TamTam tube is finished entirely with varnished wood! In addition, all cushions are made of the best fabric to suit the cat’s needs: easy-to-clean, mow moisture-absorbent, anti-allergic, resistant to claws, pleasant to the touch, soft and comfortable. Cleaning couldn't be easier. The cat scratcher can be placed on any flat surface. It is 100% stable, so there is no fear - it is safe even for extremely large cats.
    • Height with pouf - 75 cm.
    • Diameter of pouf and pillow inside TamTam - 50 cm.
    • Outer diameter of the TamTam - 49 cm.
    • Inner diameter of the TamTam - 45 cm.
    • The holes ate made of wood and is 20 x 20 cm - sufficient for any, even the largest breed of domestic cat.

    Data sheet

    Dimensions [width x depth x height]
    49 x 49 x 75 cm
    Weight of the scratcher [kg]
    Cat tree for how many cats?
    Scratching post for large cats
    Sisal lining
    100% natural sisal agave fibre
    Wooden elements
    High-quality birch plywood
    Varnish on wooden elements
    100% water-based paint based on BIO vegetable resins, class A+
    Cushions and covers
    Super durable, easy-to-clean and soft flocking fabric
    Washing cushions and covers
    Manual or automatic - maximum temperature 30℃
    Cushion and cover filling
    Anti-allergic silicone balls